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8-10 Ounces August 19, 2015

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My heart is heavy.

My heart is heavy and everyday it weighs a little more. Everyday it weighs more because it swells with so much love for people  for the world. The weight of it pulls the tears from my eyes and everyday they find more reasons to spill. . . for that girl who lost her dog; for the trees that are being cut down; for the hungry bellies in a country I’ve never been to. . .

Some might say that I’m too sensitive, and maybe I am. But I’d rather feel too much than feel nothing. There was a time when just the opposite was true. I was tired of feeling so intensely. I wished that I couldn’t feel at all. But it’s become abundantly clear to me that there are enough people who don’t care, with their hearts that are two sizes too small. So don’t tell me that I’m too sensitive. You, with your Grinch-hearts.

Yes, my heart is heavy, but it’s no burden and I’ll tell you secret: the more you fill it, the more it pours out and the lighter it becomes.

Yes, my heart is heavy. But my heart is heavy because it’s full. It’s filled with compassion.

It’s heavy because it helps to carry the weight of yours.



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