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Like Icarus December 14, 2012

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Like Icarus

All I ever wanted was a piece of the sky.

But it’s hard, so hard

to get the taste of dirt out of your mouth.

Every time you think you’re flying,

you end up with a bruise and a greater understanding of gravity.

I was not meant to fly –










1. thesaintcynic - August 26, 2013

“end up with a bruise and a greater understanding of gravity.”

This line made me smile with how good it was. Great job! I’m only a little bit jealous…

thesaintcynic - August 26, 2013

Thanks by the way, for your interest in That Boy’s Got Spring In His Step. It’s really appreciated. I also have a poetry blog if you’re interested in checking it out (I don’t mean to be plugging). If you’re interested it’s called Volatile. With Flag And Drum

Thanks again.

icelikediamonds - August 30, 2013

No problem! I always take the time to check out the blogs of friends and of those who comment on my own stuff. I followed both of your blogs as soon as I saw them on Facebook :p

icelikediamonds - August 30, 2013

Thank you so much! Haha, I don’t write so much anymore.. but when I do, I can sometimes turn out a pretty good line or two 😛

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