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By Venus Blessed May 18, 2012

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Valeria Lukyanova is a 21-year-old woman whom I stumbled across today. I immediately suffered a bout of self-hatred. It isn’t fair. Why do some girls get to look like this: Image


. . . .while I have to look the way I do? What’s even less fair is the fact that I feel inadequate compared to not only this Valeria Lukyanova, but to all women in the media these days. My waist will never be that small. My legs will never be that long. With plastic surgery, I could change my face, I could even make my breasts larger – but I shouldn’t feel like I have to. Why has this become the ideal of beauty?

There are some celebrities, such as Britney Spears,  who have posted pictures of themselves without makeup/photoshop. (You can take a look at the article here: http://yeeeah.com/2010/04/14/britney-spears-without-photoshop-for-candies/). I am so glad that they have done that. It is hard enough to have confidence in yourself without being hounded by the media’s portrayal of how we should look, especially for people such as myself who have major self-esteem/inadequacy issues. Some of the people with these issues, really shouldn’t have them. I have a few friends who actually fit these ideas of perfection – models, dancers, actors – yet they suffer from the very same feelings of inadequacy as I do. Why???!!

It’s not only women that are dealing with this either. Oh yes, rest assured that media has an ideal for them as well (http://fashionindie.com/hombre-business-suit-or-birthday-suit/).


Life is so much easier for the people who meet these ideals. Many people make a living by being beautiful, which I also think is unfair. People pay them to wear their clothes, to be in their pictures, to talk about them – even if you are not a celebrity, if you are good looking, it is easier to make friends, to get a job. . the world likes you better. True, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post if I were one of these “beautiful” people. I will be the first to say that I am jealous.  Maybe someday it will all change, but for now, I remain inadequate as ever.



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