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Bleed Like a Candle, Burn Like a Star February 2, 2012

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My first day off in ten days.

I woke up early from a dream where everyone was running around playing some kind of game of tag. It was snowing, but I’m not sure if it was Winter. I found a small underground. . . shelter? But there were spiders crawling around near the window which was the only entrance/exit. I squished some that came down to the floor and left as quickly as I could once they had crawled away from the window. Lady Gaga and I were involved some sort of romantic relationship. I hugged Amy Lee (from the band “Evanescence”) goodbye, which subsequently appeared to spark some sort of jealousy in Lady Gaga. Suddenly, a letter appeared in my hand in which I told Amy Lee that Lady Gaga was jealous because she claimed that Amy Lee was in love with me, to which an immediate response appeared on the letter from Amy Lee saying “But I think I am.”

I became frustrated, crumpled up the letter and began running through a field resembling the short grass expanse between my late Grandmother’s house and my Aunt’s,  to my Mum’s house, or the dream’s version of my Mum’s house, anyway. There was tall grass and a small creek with a board across to serve as a bridge. I hopped over the small creek, scaring a large chipmunk which I had been calling softly to from the other side of the creek. Then I met a raccoon, which was really more like a big cat. . It was quite friendly and seemed to enjoy having it’s back scratched. My mother was amazed , and called out to my Dad (whom she is divorced from in reality) to come and witness the raccoon. Then I woke up.

So now I’m awake. I immediately begin housework. I make the bed, put on a load of laundry, and proceed to clean the bathroom. It is 11:58 am right now and my housework is complete. It is now time to crack open the books. . But I’m procrastinating. My brain doesn’t seem to want to focus on the cut and shape of diamonds, it’s too busy trying to turn a different grain of sand into a pearl.

I’d like to talk about this here, but there are a few reasons why I feel that I cannot  should not do that. I hate that.

*Insert lengthy and detailed subject matter here*

I guess in the end, I’m the only one who can decide what’s best for me. . . But I never was good at making decisions.




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