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Coffee Shop Inspiration November 30, 2011

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Wouldn’t you know it, inspiration strikes me and I am nowhere near my laptop. I am the Starbucks adjoining the bookstore. My mind is racing with idas as I watch, see, and hear all the people around me. Being surrounded by books doesn’t hurt either. Though I have a entire Writer’s Digest open in front of me devoted to being inspired and overcoming writer’s block – it’s the atmosphere that is inspiring me rather than the $12 magazine.

There is a man and woman at the table closest to me whom appear to be on a date. It seems to be going well  – they are enveloped in conversation.

A deaf man approached me while I was digging through my purse for this notebook and pen. I bought one of his sign language booklets for $2 and smiled at him as he signed “Thank You” to me. I fought back tears, because for some reason I blubber like a juvenile man-beast pretty much anytime someone thanks me for something. Now I will have to make change for my busride to work in the morning.

I could totally be the heroine of a story. I wonder what the impression of me these co-occupants of this coffee shop have? A short-haired, blonde girl with green eyes, sitting alone at a small table in the bookstore coffee shop, a cell phone and open literary magazine in front her, writing in a notebook, who purchased a sign language booklet from a deaf man.  . . . That was quite a mouthful, wasn’t it? Now picture that girl rummaging through her large plum-coloured purse, pulling a random assortment of objects from it and placing them on the table in front of her. . . . hand sanitizer,keys, throat lezenges, unsolved Rubik’s cube . .(what is she looking for?) I am strange, aren’t I?

Most of these people probably believe me to be a university student (Oh, how I wish I was!). They would never guess that I am actually a professional sales consultant in the refined industry of jewellery. If that date goes well enough, that man may end up buying that woman an exquisite piece of diamond jewellery from me! Imagine that!

There were too men sitting at the other table closest to me,- they moved oe table further from me. I wonder why? Oh, now they’ve left.

I wonder where the bathroom is in this place?

I just had a flip-side thuoght – What if I was duped and that man wasn’t actually deaf at all?! Shame on him for taking advantage of my compassionate, kind-hearted nature! Shame. .  that’s not he word I wanted to use but I’ve forgotten what the right word was that I wanted to use. . . How did that happen?

This article about a writer’s reatreat seems a little intriguing. I am definitely inspired by my surroundings.

There were a few other books I wanted to purchase, but decided not to as Christmas is soon approaching and I need the money for gifts. This is the time to be spending money on other people, not myself. I love buying fantastic gifts for other people. I try so hard to find that perfect gift. . . well admittedly, it actually seems to come quite naturally to me. I put so much thought into what I buy. . without actually putting much thought into that thought. . if that makes sense, which it probably doesn’t. I don’t care how much I spend as long as I know it’s just that right gift for that specific person. I love seeing their reactins. I probably do spend a bit beyond my means, but to me, it’s worth it. It’s the only thing I really enjoy about this extrapolated holiday. I’m pretty Bah Humbug about it otherwise. It’s the only thing about this season that keeps me from wanting to shoot myself in the face. Oh, and mistletoe! I do like that tradition. Oh, time to go! 🙂



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