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P.S. Jamie Cliff June 29, 2011

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You son of a fucking bitch.

You actually pleaded not guilty?

You stabbed Lana 19 times. . . was that by accident? You slit Andrew’s throat, doused him in gasoline and SET HIM ON FIRE. . . AND YOU PLEADED “NOT GUILTY?!”

Two counts of second degree murder. . A single conviction itself carries a mandatory life sentence and parole ineligbility. Not to mention your 42 prior criminal convictions, and that you were on probation at the time. I can’t believe that there will be another court date for you. According to prosecutor, Mark Levitz, “There is no realistic prospect for rehabilitation.” I do not believe that you deserve another chance.

At this point, I would like to repeat everything that I said in my previous blog post regarding you: https://icelikediamonds.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

You didn’t even know Andrew. That was the first time you had ever seen him in your pathetic life. Well I did know him. I knew him and I loved him. His favourite movie was “Memento,” and his favourite band was “Tool.” He did card tricks. He was a dancer. He was an actor. His favourite “X-Men”  character was Gambit. He had an absolutely spectacular smile. I was very fortunate to have shared a year of my life with him, but because of you. . that’s all I will ever get.



1. aaron - July 8, 2011

You are not alone. I have been bitter and angry at the world since October of 2008. I grew up with him and was even in a band with him. He was like a brother to me. I don’t know who you are exactly but I hope you somehow find some peace knowing that this murderer did not get away. I’ll always miss Andrew too but dwelling on what the piece of shit did to him will only cloud your mind with hateful sad memories of what happened, instead of all the amazing times we got to experience with Andrew. He loved the saying: Carpe Diem, wanted a tattoo of it. He also really loved the band Deftones, to the point where I brought the album to him and he was still bobbing his head to the music in his hospital room. Even in his impossible situation he still managed to make me smile. I’m choosing to move on but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget, I can’t. Instead I’ll seize the day and continue to live on in his memory. I hope you will too. Its all we can do.

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