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A Midsummer Night’s Winter June 19, 2010

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Oh, where have I been?! I haven’t been near an internet connection in ages! I’ve been playing lots of D&D with my good friends, and even made a new one! I’ve felt ocean and sand beneath my toes and felt the warm sun on my face. How I’ve missed summer. It’s just starting and already I’ve had some misadventures, including being saved from June bugs and beach spiders by the valiant Sir Dave ūüėõ

I have missed the warm sunshine. But, I’ve¬†discovered that it is still filtered through your shadow. Why is everything made colder by your memory?¬†Will it always be Winter without you? ¬†

Now I’m looking through the lyrics of songs about winter. . .¬† and also for a picture to match (as is the custom for my entries), but nothing can quite capture the quintessence of loneliness of cold. Time for a few of my own words, which coincidentally happens to contain the genesis of “icelikediamonds.”

About Winter

Warm breath turned ice on the window pane

splintered with frost

much like the way I feel without you.

Bare branches rake across the deepening blue –

a crescendo of twilight blooming.

Moonlight hits the snow just right

and then the frosty stars are twinkling,

But all ice sparkles like diamonds

                      Рuntil it burns you with its cold.

It is winter in my heart without you.


In searching for that particular metaphorical polaroid, I stumbled upon others from an album of you. I’m tempted to display them and expose myself. But I think for now, one is enough.



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