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Love is a Hot Fudge Sundae May 28, 2010

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Your vanilla eyes weigh so heavily on my laden soul.

The way you used to look at me like you loved me. I remember it so well. It was like being caressed, only by your eyes. And all these things sound insanely like they’ve been liberated from the pages of some bad romance novel, but they haven’t been. They’re mine, and they’re true.

If your eyes could be described in scent, they would be the warm vapor that rises up from French-Vanilla Cappucino. The only coffee I ever drank. Sometimes you made me feel like that vapor was swirling all around me.

After we broke up, I couldn’t eat. Eventually, some weeks later, I began to overeat. I can’t decide if it was in an effort to dilute the taste of you, or to recreate it. . . Probably both. Those chocolate bars with the hazelnuts in them came close (especially when they were just a little bit melty). But, marginally less satisfying. Do you remember how those were always my favourite?                     

. . . Do you remember when I said I loved you more than chocolate?

You cannot be substituted by desserts. Calories will never fill me the way you did, so I might as well count them.



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