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Rainbowed Randomness May 16, 2010

Posted by icelikediamonds in Uncategorized.

Staring at my last entry, I think “What bullshit.” Thinking about it the other day at work, I’m like a wiggly horizontal line. Up and down randomly about how I feel about things at any point in time where I am given time to think about it. . . Maybe L was right, perhaps I am confused.

I went to C’s party on Saturday night. “Roger” was not there. It was nice. I caught up with some people whom I haven’t seen in ages. Everyone seemed so happy to see me. It was a really nice feeling. Although, everyone was pretty much plastered by the time I arrived. . but a few extra compliments never hurt anybody 😛 I also met some cool new people 🙂

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you were just too abnormal for someone? Too oddly shaped to fit into their version of things? Some people have such a . . .square perception. I’m a definitely not a square. I’m more like a. . . kaleidoscope. At first I felt like it was bad . . . like I was wrong to be rainbowed randomness. Like I was “misshapen.” Negative. But I realized that I am not wrong. Some people are just too rigid. I like how I am. I should not have to try to assemble myself into a specific pattern, nor align myself to someone else’s field of vision. I’m not exactly symmetrical and that’s okay. I like me – you don’t have to.



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