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Automaton April 21, 2010

Posted by icelikediamonds in Uncategorized.

It was in my belly. It was some abstract thing swirling in my centre. Though I felt it, I could not feel it. . . I’m still not quite sure if was actually feeling it or not. What does it mean? It was certainly an unfamiliar sensation. It is illogical. To be able to feel something and not feel it at the same time. It resembled emotion, but more like. . . an imprint. The shape of an absent object in memory foam.

 It was somewhat as if I were in two separate parts. . or perhaps even three. Brain, body, and abstract swirling thing. My brain, though somehow removed, controlled my body, made it autonomous, while the swirling thing was. . .doing something. I remained stolid despite the swirling thing’s threat. There were no thoughts. I was not thinking. I imagine it’s what the other side of the computer monitor feels like. . it’s innards moving, and some person looking through it, manipulating it’s function with fingers-on-keys. Perhaps it’s what an android feels like.



1. Raymond - April 22, 2010

I still am amazed at your writing style.

This strikes me as written with a very bleak outlook but your use of the English language is incredible.

As I said, the entry (and a lot of the blog) gives me the impression that there is a lot of hurt and confusion that you’re trying to express. So if I’m right about that I thought you would like to at least read that while be inspiration may be painful, you’re talent is unquestionable.

~#1 Follower Ray~

icelikediamonds - April 22, 2010

Oh! Thank you so much! I am inexpressably flattered! 😀

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